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Chef Ran Shmueli is one of Israel’s most respected veteran chefs , who has led innovative culinary ventures for the last 25 years. Claro (“clear” in Spanish) is chef Shmueli’s first restaurant.
Claro is not “just” a restaurant; it’s a place of entertainment, providing an experience that embodies all the knowledge of Shmueli and his staff in hospitality and event planning. It is a relaxed venue for social gathering, offering a warm atmosphere, good music and a superb dining experience.

The Kitchen | Med Kitchen - Farm to Table

Claro’s Med Kitchen (as in Mediterranean), travels through the Mediterranean countries: Spain, France, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Lebanon and Israel, and is presented in the Shmueli relaxed cooking philosophy.
The menu, taking the “Farm to Table” approach, is rich in fruits and vegetables, featuring seasonal products from the best local produce. All other ingredients in the menu such as meat, fish, and olive oil are also based on Israeli products, with the aim of promoting local industry and environmental responsibility. The menu is updated almost daily with emphasis on generous portions and reasonable pricing. Every few weeks a seasonal vegetable is selected and widely featured in many of the dishes.

Chef Ran Shmueli

Ran Shmueli is a chef, entrepreneur, and innovative and creative visionary - a true pioneer in Israeli cuisine. Shmueli began his culinary journey at the age of five in the kitchen of his Austrian grandmother. At an early age he became the family chef, taking his mother’s place in the kitchen and inviting family and friends for meals at decorated tables.
In 1990 Shmueli and his partner Zohar founded “Shmueli Catering”, specializing in events and developing unique culinary concepts. This year they are celebrating 25 years of catering.
In 2010 Shmueli participated in the Israeli version of Iron Chef, the first prime-time reality cooking show in Israel (3 seasons).
In 2011 he joined Avigdor, an urban loft for events with an open kitchen, as the house chef.


Building and History

Claro is located in a huge 1,100 square meters original Templar building, which has been meticulously restored, preserving its unique history. The building was erected in 1886, and housed the first industrial winery in the agricultural settlement of Sarona. Over the years the building was also used as a printing house, the headquarters of the British command during World War II, and later the military headquarters “Joshua Camp” ”. Hebrew mailing stamps were printed in the building on the eve of the Declaration of Independence and later the official State Printing Office operated at the site.
In 1950 the Bank of Israel began operating in the building and the vault of the “State Printing Office” was built in its basement. The original vault door from that era still exists in the basement. From 1963 the building was used by the Mossad and later served the Defense Ministry as an archive.

Building and Spaces

In order to create a warm space that preserves the building’s unique historic character, and in accordance with strict preservation laws, it was decided to leave the space as it is, with minimal intervention, maintaining the rustic, authentic and unfinished look. The interior design is based on natural materials including wood, leather and stone.
The spacious building is divided into different areas, providing a variety of experiences, each one designed individually, with adjustable lighting, matching music and multiple seating options.


At the center of the restaurant is a huge open kitchen, surrounded by a spacious bar where guests can sit and watch the cooks work. In the rest of the space are various dining tables with chairs and sofas. There is also an option to sit outside in a wide balcony overlooking the beautiful Sarona compound. The entrance lobby is a welcoming reception area where guests can pleasantly wait with a drink and a snack.

Claro; LeMata

Two uniquely preserved interconnected spaces carved in limestone preserve the historic character of the building with an authentic and unfinished look. The space serves as an intimate lounge bar twice a week, on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. During the rest of the week they are reserved for private events.

The Private Room (top floor)

A spacious dining room for private parties (up to 32 people) with original frescoes from the Templar period covering the walls, and a balcony overlooking the Sarona compound. For more information on private events at Claro | For reservations and other information: 03-6017777, 30 David Elazar Street, corner of HaArba’a Street, Tel Aviv


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Building and Spaces

The spacious building is divided into different areas, providing a variety of experiences, each one designed individually, with adjustable lighting, matching music and multiple seating options.

Claro; LeMata

Two uniquely preserved spaces of exceptional beauty, carved in limestone and connected by large entrances that accommodate private events. The warm and intimate 150-year-old spaces preserve the historic character of the building with an authentic and striking look. The original vault of the National Printing Office from the 1950s is located in “LeMata”, as well as distillery rooms and a tunnel connecting the building to the adjacent winery. The basement is designed as a lounge bar and is intended for private and corporate events, such as weddings, birthdays and business events in a contemporary and informal atmosphere. It contains a large bar and seating areas consisting of sofas and low tables. The space is equipped with state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems, a projector and a screen. It is possible to use only half the space, facilitating the creation of an intimate atmosphere for either 30 or 200 guests. 

Downtown Marrakesh -around the world concept event at ClaroLemata


Getting married at ClaroLemata

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  • The Private Room (top floor)

    The beautiful and spacious room on the top floor of the building featuring original frescoes from the Templar period on the walls, is intended for private events (up to 32 people). The room is furnished with a long wooden table and leather chairs. A charming balcony overlooks the Sarona compound. The room is equipped with a sound system, screen and a projector.

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The Kitchen

The tailored menus by Chef Ran Shmueli reflect the menu of the bustling restaurant: farm to table, with seasonal products from the best local produce. A Kosher Style menu is also offered. 

Several parking lots, within minutes from our restaurant, are available to all our guests.

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Business Lunch Menu | Sun-Thu 12:00-16:30 
Evening Menu | Mon-Sun from 18:30 
Brunch Menu | Fri & Sat  09:00-12:30
Lunch Menu | Fri & Sat from 13:15 

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